Max Muscato Promotional Video on Youtube.

Like a lot of clients, Max Muscato, a Buffalo-based singer songwriter, knew he needed a video to highlight what he did, but he had no idea what to do. He thought maybe a music video,  but wasn’t sure which song. So we sat down with him and had a few conversations about his goals, his intended audience and – very importantly –  budget. Making a video isn’t the hard part, figuring out what the best video will be is what is the most challenging.

We quickly realized that a music video wasn’t going to help Max based on what he was trying to achieve – better shows. The video he needed was something to show to potential clients, which in this case was promoters and club owners. With that in mind, we decided that a short promotional video that introduced him as an artist, highlighted multiple songs and showed what what to expect from his live performance would serve him best. We joined him in the studio for some interviews and attended one of his shows and bundled it into a 1 min 30 sec package club owners can watch … and we did it well within his budget.