WTF MMA isn’t as aggressive as the name might sound. WTF stands for “Wellness Through Fight” and is part of the group that brought WTF Chef and WTF Gym to the area. John Lehmann, founder and one of the coaches reached out to me to create a video that was suitable for Facebook and Instagram. I’d worked with John before and for this project he wanted to try and get lots of views.

Videos for social media platforms for Facebook and Instagram have to be shot (Instagram has a 1:00 time limit), visually appealing (Facebook videos play without sound, so if you want people to click, they have to WANT to hear what you have to say) and to the point. We decided that showing the family nature and fun that can be had in mixed martial arts was the best approach. The video, featuring the music of one of the other coaches, Jeordan Hill, has gotten more views in 24 hours than all of their past videos combined. Mission Accomplished.