26 Shirts Video on Vimeo.

26 Shirts is a charitable organization that sells a different limited edition, Buffalo sports themed shirt for 2 weeks (26 times a year) and donates $8 of every shirt sold to a local family in need. Since beginning the organization in 2013 they have been able to give tens of thousands of dollars to people in the Buffalo community that are in need. They came to us looking for a way to humanize what they do yet still convey the way that their organization works.

Brand Landers developed the concept of using a member of a family that 26 Shirts partnered with and we began interview families. When we interviewed the Day family and their middle child Clare we felt we had found a story that was simple: a little girl who knew her family was going through something big, but didn’t quite understand how big. She just wanted her dad to be home. We began final production and scheduled a second day of filming in order to get footage of the family BEING a family. We composed an original musical score and presented it to 26 Shirts.